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La Sommeliere

La Sommeliere PRO110 107 Bottle Ageing Wine Cellar

La Sommeliere PRO110 107 Bottle Ageing Wine Cellar

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The PRO110 wine cellar is one of La Sommeliere's most recent models. 

Sturdy, reliable, practical, technically advanced—this cellar offers everything you need for the service and storage of up to 107 bottles* of wine arranged horizontally, with the labels facing you so that you can identify them quickly and easily.

With its Winter system, the PRO110 ensures that the temperature set inside the cellar is maintained, even if the ambient temperature drops significantly.

Key features:

  • Door bottom reinforced with stainless steel panel;
  • wide, sturdy handle for easy grip;
  • bottles displayed facing you to show the labels directly and not just the bottoms or necks of bottles;
  • sliding shelves for unprecedented convenience.

In the same way that tasting a wine starts by its appearance, the cellar is stylish and eye-catching, design features including:

  • Its wide anti-UV glass door displaying your wine collection;
  • its white LEDs arranged on both sides of the cellar to enhance each row of bottles;
  • the door bottom is stylish with the stainless steel panel.
  • Secure wine storage in your wine cellar

As such, the PRO110 provides secure, trouble-free storage for a large number of wines and grape varieties through a host of important features:

  • Winter system: to maintain the temperature set inside the cellar even if the ambient temperature drops;
  • An audible and visual temperature alarm (high and low) to be notified in the event of unexpected fluctuation;
  • Humidity regulated between 55% and 75%;
  • Lock to restrict access and keep your investment under lock and key.
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